Say Yes, to go on a community service exchange programme

Diga sim, e participe em um programma de intercāmbio de serviços communitario

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What did the 2010 sayXchange participants learn from the exchange?

When the SayXchange participants returned from their exchanges in December 2010, they maintained that they:

  • Became more tolerant to situations that are confusing and open to different interpretations
  • Realised why stereotypes can by harmful and hurtful to others and themselves
  • Would like to visit another southern African country again
  • Have greater sympathy for the struggles of international students and immigrants as a result of their experiences
  • Have a deeper understanding of the common problems and issues that confront all human beings
  • Have a greater awareness of political, economical and social events occurring around the region
  • Are aware that cultural changes can have unexpected outcomes
  • Understand their own strengths and weaknesses
  • Have a greater sense of responsibility for other people
  • Have more respect and appreciation for their natural families
  • Need fewer friends but more deeper friendships
  • Have a greater appreciation for what they have

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