Say Yes, to go on a community service exchange programme

Diga sim, e participe em um programma de intercāmbio de serviços communitario

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What was the feedback from the hosting organisations, hosting families and participants about the SayXchange programme in 2010?

Despite the challenges of adjusting to new surroundings, different cultures and different languages, sayXchange participants and hosting organisations felt that the programme will achieve its aims in the long run. Hosting organisations were eager to host again because of the value that sayXchange participants brought to their organisations and the participants gained a wealth of knowledge during the exchange. Participants learnt new things about themselves as individuals and about the organisations where they were placed. They emphasised the importance of being familiar with languages and cultures, the importance of self-worth and fighting for what one is entitled as well as not taking things for granted. The participants agreed that a common regional identity and regional integration were goals that they will continue to promote. As a result, they indicated that they will promote and recommend sayXchange to their peers.

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